Little Sister Rabbit and The Fox

Little Sister Rabbit and The Fox

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One morning, Little Sister Rabbit hops out of her burrow to play. She’s having fun rolling about and picking flowers, but something is not quite right. What is that odd smell? Is that the sound of a rumbling tummy? Could those be red eyes watching her?

It’s a hungry fox cub! Little Sister Rabbit is too scared to move. Rabbits aren’t meant to be brave.

Luckily, just before the fox eats her for his dinner, she realizes just what to do. What are rabbits best at? Running foxes ragged!

From the award-winning Swedish children's author, Ulf Nilsson, and one of Europe's best-loved illustrators, Eva Eriksson, comes this charmingly illustrated tale of bravery and trusting your instincts. 

These classic Little Sister Rabbit stories are much-loved bestsellers in Sweden and can now be enjoyed by new generations in English. They are beautiful, hardback gift editions with a cloth spine.

(Ages 3 - 6 years) 


“The lovely illustrations show the desperation of her pursuer who does end up getting a meal from a surprising source and the concern of her family once she arrives home, slightly injured and a little wiser. Readers will hope she will be a little more cautious or pay attention to her instincts next time.” —Goodreads 

“The tone of the text is perfectly pitched for little ones.... Though Little Sister Rabbit and the Fox is not explicitly about ‘stranger danger’, I felt the book offers children gentle, age-appropriate wisdom about how to keep yourself safe. Without needing to go into real-life dangers, which would be too much for children, the story clearly teaches the importance of trusting your own instincts, and acting on them. As a parent, I value the wisdom the book offers. Children need not be aware of this parental perspective. They will simply enjoy this book as a warmhearted story of courage and adventure.” —Armadillo 

“Little Sister Rabbit Gets Lost and Little Sister Rabbit and the Fox really appealed to my grandchild's sense of humor. We both giggled at the wonderful illustrations and thoroughly enjoyed the stories.” —Kindling 

“With just enough tension to keep listeners engaged, this picture book has a full story arc, and who can't appreciate a happy ending for all? —School Library Journal